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I'm confused about my diagnosis

From: Briana - 7 years 10 weeks ago

Hello :) In February after a routine yearly physical with blood test, my doctor found I had Hoshimotos. A little history first. For 10 years I took Luvox for OCD/anxiety. I gained 10-15 pounds. In Febrary when diagnosed with Hoshimotos I had been OFF of Luvox for about 2 years. I lost all the weight I'd gained. Consequently, the anxiety came back, along with stomach issues. That in itself could cause weight loss. Here is my concern: She said I had Hoshimotos/hypOthryroidism. I thought a symptom of that would be weight GAIN. I was put on Synthroid (25mcg) I do feel better physically. Still, I can't shake the fact that I LOST weight, not gained weight. It makes me afraid my doctor does not know what she's doing. All she told me was that it was not unheard of for hypo patients to have lost weight instead of gain. What do you think?

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I am new to hypothyroidism, but saw you have Hashimoto's. Since that is an autoimmune problem, you should probably see a gastro doc too so they can check you for other autoimmune problems since your tummy is messed up. Also a rheumatologist might be another dr to check with. My sister was diagnosed with Hashimotos but has lupus too. Just keep up with your symptoms and keep looking for answers and ways to make yourself feel better. Good luck!

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