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someone please help me :(

From: rach7612 - 9 years 41 weeks ago

Hi, I am new to all of this.

Went for yearly wellness visit in May and had a routine blood test (never had any kind of thyroid testing before). I get a call saying my blood sugar is diabetic range and I am hypothyroid. Have a second labtest showing the same thing. She calls in a synthroid Rx and says to come back in 2 months for another blood test. I've gone through a couple doses and blood tests, and now I am just feeling sick and helpless.

I had seen this dr twice before within the past year - both times mentioned my mother has thyroid disease (although I really have no clue what it is). Once when I was experiencing bad insomnia and anxiety. Dr without any bloodwork feels my neck and says I have nothing to worry about. Gives me an antidepressant, which for about 3 months made me feel fantastic and energetic for the first time in my life (didn't even know how bad I felt until I started feeling good!!). After a couple months the antidepressant stopped working, but I still take it because I can't seem to get through the withdrawal.

Now that it turns out I do have thryoid disease (and diabetes too I guess?) no one's said a word to me about what this even is. I just go do bloodtests, get calls from the dr. regarding new dosage of synthroid. Never had a face-to-face appt regarding it or been told or asked about any symptoms. After starting medication, for about a month my hair was shedding a LOT. My skin has been so messed up. I lost 12 lbs, then gained 4 lbs. And I'm back to feeling completely drained and exhausted just from sitting at my desk at work from 8 to 5. (Aside from the first couple months of the antidepressant, feeling exhausted is normal for me though - lately it's just been worse)

Am I feeling bad as a side effect from synthroid or is this what diabetes or hypothyroid feels like? I've read some info on the web but I still don't understand what's going on. My husband is worried about me and I feel bad for what he has to put up with regarding my low energy and mood.

Additional info: I am 25 yrs old, exercise regularly, and average to underweight (I've told a couple people about these health issues to which they ALWAYS say "you don't have diabetes/low thyroid! you're too skinny!")

I just want to know, is this a normal treatment course/experience others have had? I am taking a multivitamin and frequently take caffeine pills to help with energy, although it doesn't always do anything. I try to eat healthy (high protein/low carb/high fiber) but its not uncommon for me to have intense salt and sugar cravings so I am definitely not doing my best.

Any insight or reassurance would help. I feel incredibly alone, and I want to ask my doctor what exactly is wrong with me,but I'm embarrassed to complain for fear of being giving more psychiatrict medication. Maybe I really am crazy? :(

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I've been told I am hypothryoid/Hoshimotos, but I had no weight gain. I've actually lost 15 pounds! That could be due to the fact that I came off of as SSRI for OCD/anxiety, and thus the anxiety returned, which could cause weight loss. I am also confused about my diagnosis.

Is there any way you can have a face to face conversation with your doctor? You just have so many questions. I believe having that meeting could be very helpful for you.

I'm seeing my doctor on Wednesday, and once again, I'm going to ask questions. I don't like to come across as not trusting her, but I have got to understand these things as well.

I hope you find answers soon.

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Hey Rach!
you are never alone going thru this illness. and yes, you are ill, please remember this. i don't know anything about diabetes... and, NO YOU ARE NOT CRAZY
It seems to me like you take good care of yourself and do stuff for yourself. This is the time to take care of yourself, continue as this is very important!!!
Symptoms (weight loss, etc.)of hypo and hyper thyroid do tend to cross over and you may not know what is going on. this disease hardly ever makes sense.
Please go and ask your doctor your questions, that is what they are their for, talk to your mom about what she dealt with and how she got thru it. and i hate to say it, but if your doc/endo goes back to the mental drugs, you may want to look for another that will listen and talk and someone that is genuinely concerned. Hang it there and also try to educate your husband, he is an important part of your life and will be there for you!

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You might ask for a copy of your lab tests so you don't feel like you're imagining things and so when you look info up on the computer you'll have something to compare it to. When you get re-tested you'll be able to see any changes yourself.

Regarding the diabetes diagnosis, because you are thin you want to make sure the doctor determines whether you have type 2 diabetes or another form called LADA (Latent Autoimmune Diabetes of Adults also called diabetes type 1.5). Usually this is done using an antibody test, and endocrinologists are accustomed to determining the difference. Not all people with LADA are thin, but it's common.

Even before you get that sorted out, you want to start learning about carbohydrates. Become an expert on carbohydrates. You do not have to avoid them, but you'll need to manage them. There is an amount your body can handle, and an amount that your body will have difficulty with. Get a prescription for a blood sugar meter and start testing 2 hours after meals. Many people aim for a blood sugar of less than 140 after meals. Others test before and after, and aim to eat an amount that makes the blood sugar rise no more than 30-40 mg/dl. Talk to your doctor about all this and ask for individualized blood sugar goals. Then go see a Registered Dietitian, preferably one who is also a Certified Diabetes Educator. Learn everything you can and you will feel a greater sense of control. Last, walk, bike, swim etc. Ask your doctor for an exercise prescription. Exercise is one of the best medicines around. Remember,"good health is the best revenge"! ~unknown


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Have you gotten any help from the doctor yet? I had the SAME issue with my General Practitioner. I found out I was hypo after missing 2 cycles. I go in for bloodwork thinking im pregnant. My doctors nurse calls me says "oh your hypothyroid... we are calling you in a Rx. We will see you again to check it in 6 months." I was like.... "ok, what???" That was NOT helpful. At first I just rolled with it. Like you, I was not overweight. A few months later, I actually lost more weight and my hair was falling out. I also was having bad anxiety and hot flashes. I went back to the dr. She was again, not helpful. Took some blood. The nurse called and said, your levels are ok. Oh and the dr. told me my hair was falling out from stress!! Ridiculous. ANyway, I asked her to refer me to a specialist. I finally saw him after 6 months of waiting to get in. Turns out in that 6 months, I needed my Levothyroxine dosage doubled! He was very thorough. Explained everything to me, answered all my questions.
I have had tons of crazy stuff like the anxiety, hot flashes, tender breasts, allergies, hair falling out, additional weight loss... all of which the specialist said was due to my Rx dosage being off from what I needed.
Needless to say, I think you need to see a specialist. GP's deal with the sniffles. If you have a "disease" you need to see a specialist.
Hope this helps. You're not crazy. But having this hypothyroid mess will make you feel that way sometimes.

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Hey Rach7612: You are not crazy at all. I feel your pain and I share it with you. I would tell you that if you are not happy with your doctor's handling of your condition, perhaps you need to find a different doctor (Endocrinologist-the specialist for this disease). I know how you are not alone. Hang in there...and seek out some additional medical advice. I won't sugar coat this for you..I will tell you, it is a total lifestyle change to manage this disease. Good luck to you! ;D

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I hope that by now you have received more information. I know nothing about thyriod disease, but I have type 1 diabetes and I too am constantly exhausted. I have found that some doctors are not good about providing crucial information and it is often becuase they don't know everything.If you are unhappy with your doctor you may want to change doctors because your doctor will be responsible for giving you very important information. If you are diabetic you need to start taking care of that right away. Your doctor should have told what type you are! If you are type 1, I have a plethora of information to share with you. Diabetes is a complex disease that is still in the process of being understood. You should never feel alone. Know that there are thousands of other people going through similar struggles!

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first thing get all your medical records and Dr's notes. You may need them for a lawsuit if the doc didn't do any lab work before putting you on any thyroid medication. second the doc should have referred you to another mental health professional for an evaluation before placing on the antidepressant. Third Get a new doctor. You must always remember you are paying them for a service,to take care of you. You would complain if you were at a village inn for dinner and was given a dirty plate. Always make a list of symptoms and questions in a little notebook for you to refer back to after your appointment. The Dr usually only spends 10 to 20 minutes with each patient. It is hard to remember all the info. hope this helps