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Heart palpitations with hypothyroid and menopause

From: MelRaeJ - 29 weeks 2 days ago

I've been having heart palpitations for a couple of months, and when my TSH levels were checked last week they were very high, which means hypothyroid (I have been taking my medication). I cannot find anything stating that hypothyroid causes heart palpitations, only that hyperthyroid does. I'm confused. Also, my symptoms don't all match hypothyroid. For instance I do have slight body aches, tiredness, dry skin, and weight gain. However, my appetite is very high, not low like is states it should be with hypothyroid. Also, I do not have the normal cold intolerance that I normally get -- I have been hotter and sweatier than usual for the past 6 months and not cold. In addition I am puzzled that my TSH levels suddenly went through the roof. They had been fairly level on a low dose of levothyroxine until recently. I have just officially entered menopause. I read that menopause can cause heart palpitations and can also impact thyroid levels. I have a follow-up appointment, but wanted to see if anyone can add any insight to this. Thank you.

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I also forgot to mention that my cholesterol shows as normal, which is not usually the case when you are hypothyroid. I'm confused.