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Possible congenital Hypothyroidism In Both Brothers

From: Den1987UK - 1 year 39 weeks ago

Hello so I am new on Endocrineweb , recently my hypothyroidism has gotten worse but that’s only half of the problem. My doctor and GP who I have been with for four years has not been entirely honest with me. My Thyroid level TSH is at 18.46 very high for under active thyroid and I have suffered with anxiety and depression for years. It turns out that recently my brother was diagnosed with hypothyroidism the exact same condition as me and I think we have congenital hypothyroidism since birth and did not know about it for years and possibly midagnosed or not diagnosed properly by the NHS here in the UK. It seems odd that I was always told by my current doctor and GP that it’s in normal range even though I suspect it’s not because I have been feeling very ill with hypothyroidism symptoms lately I have been taking Eltroxin for 2 years at 50 mg and I have increased it to 100 mg recently and it seems to better. Any suggestions on what to do next?

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