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From: Laurabarz - 2 years 9 weeks ago

Hi I was Diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease and six nodules on my thyroid 8 years ago. I have been having a tight feeling in my throat for the last 6 months my dr did a few ultra sounds over the last 3 years and said there was not much of a change, I was not happy with his this finding and went to get s second opinion the second specialist said my thyroid was very disease and wasn’t working well and the size of golf balls. I had a totally thyroidectomy on June 13th he did find cancer on the left side but said he got it all. I am 5 weeks out my parathyroid have not kick in yet and my calcium is still very low. I am on 6 calcium pills a day plus vitamin
D my big issue right now is my scar is very tight and I feel like I have someone choking me and /or piece of bread stuck in my throat. I brought it to his attention and he said everything looks great ( which my scar does) but this feeling is very hard to deal with! He said massage it , but it seems to get red and swell when I do! Now my scare is very thick to the touch ! Does anyone have any advice on this scare getting thick and is this the normal process ?

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