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Need information

From: MMoreland93 - 2 years 22 weeks ago

Hi, I'm new....A couple months ago I went to a after hours clinic. While I was being treated for the common cold, the Dr. there recommended me to see my GP for thyroid evaluation & so I did. She ended up ordering a couple test. Well I went back to my Dr yesterday with the results of the ultrasound & bloodwork. The report showed that they found several nodules on both the right and left sides. She said some of these are calcified or partly calcified. The level in my bloodwork was high, like 20. So now she's sending me to an Endocrinologist. Can anyone give me some more information on what to expect, procedures or if you've had these similar results.

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Is this good advice?

Hi I see nobody replied and wondering what further tests did they do and next steps. Thanks

Is this good advice?

Soooo ... what did the endo say?