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Hives on face

From: Hiveface - 2 years 38 weeks ago

I'm 55. I started getting hives on my face about a year ago. Went to an allergist/immunologist and low and behold I had elevated thyroud antibodies. I made an appt with and endo. Lots of blood pulled for auto immune disorders. Everything came back within normal limits. Even T3 and T4. He said he would not give me any thyroid med. I researched ad my face was terrible. This works and is my morning routine: wash face with cool water and immediately apply light coating of benadryl cream. Apply light face makeup as needed. I take Zantac and Zyrtect am and pm and a probiotic that covers the sacc boulardi ( i use walgreen brand or florastor). Use probiotic according to directions. Watch yr diet....alcohol and sugar...try not to have them routinely. By the 20th day my face was clear. I am taking a super green protein shake every morning with a couple of strawberries and half a banana. Feeling much better. Also exercise to break a sweat daily. I really want to see in 6 months if my antibodies have lowered. I am hoping it is my bodies way of telling me your eating like crap and now I am gonna let you know!

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