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From: Holllynichole1123 - 1 year 27 weeks ago

Hi eveyone. So I’m just wondering how fast and how many people have recovered from hashimotos without surgery or radioactive iodine with no meds after being on Methimazole for the past two years. We kept increasing my dosage to try to get my bloodwork to level out and it finally has. I felt horrible went to the Er and my TSh was 210 and my free t4 was .1. The emotional stuff that is coming with this for the last week leading up to Monday where he took me off my thyroid meds has been horrible. I’m gonna loose my job, I’m confused and I can barely eat. I keep dropping weight. It has gotten slightly better over these last few days of stopping medications. I have been told that we’re watching to see if my thyroid will stop at normal or try to swing back and forth like it has been. My thyroid keeps going up and down in size sometimes to the point it feels like I’m choking. I’m always freezing even tho I’m sweating. I was told that if this doesn’t work I’ll be referred to a endocrinologist for surgery or those pills to kill my thyroid. How do people get though the waiting game without loosing their mind or their life? I’m 21 years old female , I’ve lost so many jobs and had to drop out of college because I can’t focus or am to emotionally unstable or to sick that day to be able to go anywhere.

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