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Sad, frustrated, and miserable...anyone else??

From: Kellsbells43 - 1 year 30 weeks ago

Hi, I'm new to this group and new to hashimoto's disease. I get so frustrated over nothing really...I dont enjoy the things I use to and finding energy to do anything is almost impossible. My relationship is in jeopardy almost daily...he doesnt get it, he doesnt want to get it. I've tried explaining but I'm told I'm using this disease as a crutch....I cry all the time and focusing gets harder and harder. I was just wondering if anyone else went or is going through anything similar...??

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Yes kells I was diagnosed with hashi/Hypo 3 months ago but started having symptoms long before that. I am still struggling now snd have benn on 88 mcg for 6 weeks now. I think i am going to need something more to knock these symptoms out. I suggest you see an endocrinologist if you havent alrsady beacause primary care doctors often do not test or treat hypothyroidism correctly. I hope you get the help you need and start feeling better soon.

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I get it everyone started treating me like I was lazy. My husband was always upset with me. It didn't help that my doctor was a quack and kept telling him I was faking it and lazy. We went to Egypt to lay our daughter to rest. My sister-in-law made me go to a glad doctor there my husband came with us. When the doctor got my test results back he started yelling at my husband not sure of everything that was said. They were speaking Arabic and I did not understand everything. I do know I was so bad at that time he said he was surprised I was alive. Since then my husband gets it but it take us to go to another country and have that doctor freak out on him for him to get it. Now we are good but my friends still don't get it. I told them its like losing they person you were losing everything you enjoy it just keeps slipping away and there is nothing you can do......
I really miss the old me but I am learning to be happy with the little things in life now.

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Hi, I am new but I think I am a more common type of patient. I will give a brief synopsis for those who may relate. I was diagnosed with Grave's Disease at 19. Was told the gambit, I was fine, it;s in my head. Was even told I have large glands. Now I am 40, once again looking for a new Dr. and trying to keep things under control. Been in the hospital 2x last year, numerous menstruation issues, Cholesterol issues, anemia, etc. It's been bad. But I still don't LOOK sick. Even when I was jaundice from anemia, no one noticed. My Boyfriend kept saying why are you so tired and lazy.

Kellsbells43 -keep your head up. People without it don't get it. Don't EVER let someone guilt you into believing that it's in your head or your not suffering. It's very real. Thyroid hormone is the traffic cop of the body, It tells cholesterol where to go. It directs hormones and keep the body in order. Without it, there is no one directing the street and everything is mayhem. I have been where you are. I should still have 20 years before this hit. But I am on year 21. It's not fair. It sucks. I know. But be sure you pick yourself up and keep moving forward. You have to be ferocious with your health. My body betrays me a lot, but me brain is still me. I may be foggy but I'm not dumb. And neither are you. Your Dr. says something stupid? Find a new one. Your man doesn't get it? Find a new one (JK) Flood him with email links until he reads it. And he gets it or he doesn't. You cannot stress yourself to push yourself to be "normal" for someone else. Stress is a MAJOR risk factor for us. You have to establish a new normal.

One year ago it would take 10 mins. to climb my stairs. The weakness was insane. Today I went up and down 3x looking for my keys. Ups and downs are part of this. I wish someone would have told me that. But just keep in mind all the good when you have a bad day. I am here if you need a shoulder!!