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tight throat - need advice

From: tight throat terry - 2 years 26 weeks ago

hi everybody, please let me know what natural remedies and things I can do to relieve a tight throat as if it's closing in. . .I have hypothyroidism and was rushed to ER because my BP rose quickly from dizziness, sensitive touch to thyroid under chin, dry heaved 6 times, was pale and very weak. . .thank God no heart issues, got ultrasound since I have neck pain on my lower base of neck and found a small bump of soft tissue. . .got ultrasound done on Thursday, anxiously awaiting results to help open up my throat once and for all!!! very uncomfortable feeling and scary also especially when it becomes hard to get comfortable in bed, uuhh. . .have mild case of acid reflux since last year but don't have other symptoms of it besides burping. . .i'm a mess and can't wait to see my endo doc!! any help, suggestions, thoughts, ideas are greatly appreciated. . .thanks so much everybody!!

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