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Weird Muscle Weakness/numbness/tingling with Thyroid issues

From: Charcey97 - 2 years 20 weeks ago

Hi All-

I’ve been having a strange symptom lately and wondered if any of you could tell me if this is a familiar thing with your Thyroid issues.

About two months ago, started waking up in the mornings feeling my legs were weak and shaky on the inside...nothing I could physically feel outside. It would usually last all day, but at times would randomly go away for a few hours or half a day. That has been consistent for two months. Then, about 2 weeks ago, I started getting numbness and tingling in my left leg and my right forearm and hand (first my leg for 4h, then my arm a couple days later for an hour or two). After that, my leg numbness and tingling has returned once for a couple hours...but my hand and forearm has remained feeling weak and different. It feels like after your hand falls asleep and starts to wake up...kind of slow and harder to move. I’m able to move it and use it fine, but the feeling is very odd. As a side note, my arm continues to fall asleep several times a night when I sleep with my usual hand under my pillow position (which has never happened before). So, I don’t know if my hand feeling is reacting to having that happen all night.

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