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Has anyone gone from Hypothroid to Hyperthroid??

From: Payten - 2 years 43 weeks ago

After 35 years of being on medication for hypothyroidism (Hashimotos) due to Lupus, my body has gone to to Hyperthyroidism Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, what was the cause of your change? Thanks!

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I have been reading all the comments here and I feel so badly for everyone having to go through this. It is stressful and I agree that the weight gain is one of the toughest issues, from an emotional standpoint. I used to be hypothyroid then went on a natural thyroid which may have led to going hyperthyroid a little over two years ago. I am only needing to take 10-15 mg of Methimazole to control my hyperthyroid but being 5 foot 3 and getting down to 112 when I was hypo, of course, like everyone on this site, I gained... up to 135 now (eat healthy, work out daily), which I realize I am one of the lucky ones for not gaining more but I still feel heavy, don't fit in any of my clothes. I am GLUTEN FREE and dairy free and that helped me tremendously (for about 10 years already) and I would definitely be in a mental institution if I hadn't changed my diet. I recommend everyone get food sensitivity testing as eating some foods can increase your autoimmune system(esp. Gluten and dairy). I have also given up all grains except rice in the last two years and feel much better. If you can afford it, work with an Alternative dr (Functional Medicine doctors and Osteopathic dr.s are good ones to look for) who claims she can help. I know I still could do more with diet (give up sugar, chocolate and white rice and alcohol altogether) but it is difficult to feel like you can't eat anything. Maybe our bodies are fighting EBV as one commenter mentioned - I too read the book by Medical Medium and it was great! I think it is probably true that autoimmune is a misnomer. Our bodies are probably trying to fight off an infection that is lodged in our thyroid. H. Pylori can also cause leaky gut and therefore also food sensitivities and autoimmune (all related!), so I am working on eradicating that (since I have tested positive for it). Don't take antibiotics if you don't have too as this can make your health (kills your good gut bacteria) worse long term. There are supplements that I am taking to get rid of the H Pylori (they work) but I think it took a while to get this disease so it may take a while to make it go away. Dr Olansky is another great resource on the web - he provides lots of supplements that can help hyper and hypo. I would also recommend working out but not dieting or working out too hard as the stress cortisol response can make it backfire. For now I am going to have to accept some extra weight. I still have a heavy heartbeat (feel it beating hard) but not fast. Thanks everyone for sharing. It's good to not feel alone.