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Hyperthyroidism with left sided weakness/tingling/restless

From: courtneymm83 - 3 years 19 weeks ago

Hi all,
I recently went to the doctor with left sided weakness, tingling, and a restless feeling. It happens in my left arm and leg and I get a strange sensation in my face as well (as well as some pain that worsens when pressed). Only the left side is ever affected. My muscles on that side get painful as well- they get tense as if I've been working out.
After a ridiculous amount of tests, I was told I have hyperthyroidism (she said early Hashimoto's maybe) and a positive ANA. So she referred me to a rheumatologist. She didn't put me on any medication for the thyroid issue and I'm assuming, just wants the rheumatologist to do that. The problem is, it's going to take quite a while to get an appointment with the specialist. So I'm stuck with these weird symptoms and I'm not even sure they're related to my diagnosis.
My question is, for those of you who have thyroid issues, does this all sound connected to the hyperthyroid (early Hashimoto's) diagnosis I was given? I feel like I'm in the dark here.

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Hi there
This certainly sounds like hyper. I'm currently hyper and waiting for the results of my antibody test to determine whether it's post partum thyroiditis or Graves. I'm also having a scan of my nodules next week.
I have exactly what you're describing, and all on my left hand side. My arm is weak and feels heavy, same with my leg at times (some days worse than others), tingling, hand and foot cramps and that strange sensation in the face you're referring's almost like something is pressing on my face just below my eye. I also get tightness in my calf and I get muscle twitches as well and feel like I'm constantly on high alert so I find it hard to go asleep and if I wake during the night find it very hard to go back to sleep....with a 9 month old night waking happens regularly!! There are so many more symptoms with the anxiety being one of the worse. As it's only been 5 months they still haven't gotten my meds right so I've had very little relief and have myself worried it's something more sinister but that's anxiety for you!
Anyway I just said I'd post this so you know you're not alone. I hope you get on a treatment plan soon.

Is this good advice?

I have the same issues you're going through. I was informed 2 days ago that my sister has Hashimoto's thyroiditis, 10 years with it. Everything from tinling/numbness in hands and feet to my left side and my face started the tingling 2 days ago. She told me to get bloodwork of thyroid antibodies and thyroid w/TPO, since my thyroid bloodwork came back ok. Said most doctors don't tests for the antibodies part. I also have panic attacks for no reason, tired, weight loss, sleeplessness, coughing, and muscles aching. The panics I've had for years, some of the other symptoms just started 5 months ago. I went to doctor Friday and told him my tingling symptoms and where I hurt and all he said was its arthritis, said that was it bc of my family history. But he overlooked that both my parents have thyroid issues and 1 of them also has lupus, which is why my sister has hashimoto's and I could possibly have it as well. I was constantly thinking that I'm crazy and I'll never get better. But after talking with my sister, I know I will get better.