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I have sso many issues!!

From: Baby Doll - 1 year 5 days ago

Hello everyone,
I found out in July, 2012 that I have hypothyroidism while I was in the hospital and had heart bypass surgery, then in 2013 that I had Thyroiditis. My numbers are always out of normal range, low and high. In 2016 I had breast cancer and went threw double mastactomy, chemo, and radiation. Now I have Afib plus a leaky heart valve, so they have tried everything to get the afib under control, I October of this year I had an ablation and am now on Amiordarone for 4 months. On Nov. 3 I went for the after hospital checkup and the Dr. wanted to check my thyroid because the amiordarone effects that and my Free T4 was over 4.07. What is the problem! The endo I see does have a problem with my numbers and doesn't want to change anything. My primary care doctor had me switch to Armour and the endo didn't like it and switched me back to Levo. My endo also didn't see any reason to ultrasound my thyroid after a Pet scan showed some uptake on it back in Feb. 2016, but finally I got her to do it in September of this year. I am so confused!!!
Thanks for listening to my story, Laurie

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I'd had all the symptoms but because I didn't take care of myself and all I did was work, my thyroid condition went unchecked for years until one morning my body couldn't take it anymore. I went to work and finished my shift but by 8 o'clock that day, I was in the ER. The worst day of my life with the most terrible pain in my throat and cannot even describe even to this day. The last thing I wanted was to lose my thyroid but the doctors kept telling me there was no other option. Not necessarily true. I continued to have the same issues after my thyroid was removed (migraines, insomnia, inability to concentrate, terrible pain/weakness on my upper-right arm. swollen feet, "crazy" depression, and "twitchy" fingers) I moved to NY and by pure chance happened to meet someone who saw an ad for a free thyroid seminar held by a holistic doctor. Fast forward two years and I'm still seeing her. All those symptoms are pretty much under control. I'm a student now, finishing my BA and I've been very preoccupied and I've been very sketchy on taking my supplements as scheduled and I've noticed some very mild recurrences of my old symptoms but, it's nothing like it was before. Now I see my Endocrinologist, take my thyroid medication, Calcium, and Vitamin D, religiously as my regular doctor prescribes. In addition, I take whatever supplements I need to help my body function properly as per recommended by my holistic doctor. This was never "my thing" but sometimes, it takes having to live it before we start to see past what we think we know. I wish every day I'd paid more attention to my diet and had taken better care of myself. I was always healthy, felt strong and to some extent, unbeatable. I was wrong. My family has no history of any thyroid problems (or anything else, for that matter) so I attribute my malfunction to the weight loss pills I took for over 10years. Clean your diet, start removing things from your diet that you don't need to live a healthy life, help your body re-engage, join a support group. I hope you feel a bit encouraged and can find a way to reclaim your peace of mind. Best of Luck.

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Thanks for sharing your challenges, I'm sure you are not alone.
Doctors and Naturopaths study different things.
About 15 years ago my TSH was 21.2 and everything else was wrong. My doctor wanted to start me on anti-depressants and thyroid medication. I said no. Bewildered I went to the naturopath thinking no one could do anything, but I am a woman of faith in what he did for me.
I went to the Naturopath and little by little I improved. NO medications. I had to change my diet, a lot, and change my outlook on life , a lot, but it has been so worth it.
Now, my thyroid is out again (yeah menopause) and the Endo says nothing but take medication and drugs. (I can't believe they go to school for years to tell me that and diet is of no use and it's random) I am walking proof it is possible!
I am fearfully and wonderfully made and so are you!
I will work with a naturopath again and get the support I need to become even healthier than before.
You can too! It is possible!

People ask me why I am encouraged. if you are also person of faith, seek out what God says about you and claim it. "He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak" (Weak also means sick!) That's me! Weary and weak.:) But he is strong. I am encouraged that he guides my steps and not me and not my Dr.
I pray for all the best in your journey to wellness and become a great encouragement to others!

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