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Synthroid verses Armor Thyroid

From: kkmcwh - 4 years 5 days ago

I'd been on Synthroid for 9 years. I developed insomnia, heart palpations, high blood pressure and being outside in the heat and humidity made me feel like I couldn't breathe. My perspiration process was diminished.
I went off Synthroid cold turkey (probably not a good idea) and within 2 days the irritation I constantly felt was gone. I could work outside in the heat and humidity as I perspired profusely and I could breathe in the heat and humidity. I was thrilled. A week later, I went off the high blood pressure medicine I'd been taking. I monitored my blood pressure with a digital bp kit. It was a little high at first but it came down to normal within a few days. I felt great.
But after a while I became cold...temperature stayed around 96.9---97.
I went to a new doctor and requested Armor Thyroid. My TSH was 141.8. So he put me on 90mg of Armor Thyroid. 4 months later my TSH is 1.30. My blood pressure is more dry skin and constipation.
My cholesterol has come down from 429 to 289, good cholesterol came up 2 statin drugs. My whole lipid panel is good. I'm 66 years and am feeling great with the help of Armor Thyroid.
My email is in case someone wants to contact me about my thyroid journey.

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