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Crazy, absurdly high tsh level

From: Tarener0421 - 4 years 19 weeks ago

I had blood work done today they ran a lot of different tests. I was diagnosed as hypo about 9 years ago. Well my tsh level is 84.166 ulU/ml according the results. obviously I am waiting for an update from my doc and I have an appointment Tuesday, but seriously what would cause this to be so dramatically high??? Probably explains why I feel TERRIBLE lately and keep gaining weight that won't budge. But I have never seen or heard of a tsh level that high and I work in healthcare

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I was just reading some replies to another post where their TSH was 200 and they had NO HYPO symptoms! I just got tested, on my own, not through my MD, and my TSH is 47 and I have NO symptoms. I am on Westhroid and every time we reduce the dosage (we're still working on getting to the right dosage) my TSH bounces up super high. No clue why that happens... but if anyone knows, please explain!

P.S. When our daughter-in-law was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, her TSH was well over 100 she said. She is an RN. :)

Is this good advice?

I'm definitely symptomatic I was diagnosed years ago. I take synthroid daily. Recently I have gained a lot of weight and can't explain it until now. Just baffled by how high it is and where to go now should I continue with synthroid or has anyone tried armour or any other thymes of medications that have been effective