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Hashimoto's Help...

From: konerza006 - 4 years 7 weeks ago

Hello! This is my first time ever joining into a discussion on Hashimoto's but I need some help... the quick version of my story is I was diagnosed 5 years ago at the age of 24 with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I had been exposed to mold in the environment I had been working at as well as had a year of infections (on constant antibiotics) and unfortunately I believe those two things led to my diagnosis... Doctor's think it must have just been the "perfect storm" with the environmental toxins and constant antibiotics. Anyways, I started on Levothyroxide right away and thought all would be well. As I have learned since, it just isn't that easy! Over the years since my diagnosis, I have seen numerous doctors, specialist, chiropractors and holistic providers in hopes of finding answers and ways to manage my condition. I have had MRI's and EMG testing done due to muscle twitching and weakness. I now have cracky joints in my fingers and toes which feel as if I have arthritis. I feel as if the muscle in my face on one side go weak or feels puffy on a monthly basis. I also have the more traditional symptoms of cold hands and feet, hair loss and breakage, extreme fatigue and major brain fog. The brain fog has gotten so severe lately that I struggle to recall words and even slur at times. All of this is extremely scary to me because I know that means the blood-brain barrier has been compromised and that I have brain inflammation. I have tried the elimination diet, PALEO diet, bone broth and collagen powders, numerous supplements, acupuncture and chiropractic care but still feel as if new symptoms pop up daily. I am getting frustrated because I have spent hundreds of hours researching and reading about how to manage and get to the root cause of my symptoms in hopes of healing the widespread inflammation and yet, I feel like it just continues to get worse... I am writing on here because I need some recommendations for doctors who are specialists in autoimmune disease. I feel as if my symptoms are getting worse even though I am trying everything to try to get better. Any suggestions for knowledgeable autoimmune doctors in MN? Also, anyone who has had similar symptoms with brain and/or muscle twitching issues? Thanks so much!!!

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