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TSH Fluctuations in Hashimotos?

From: paisleykd - 3 years 13 weeks ago

I was recently diagnosed with Hashimotos hypothyroid in the beginning of the year (6-months postpartum). My lab results were: TSG 44.47, Free T4 0.92 and Free T3 2.8

After 6 weeks of 50mcg Levothyroxine, my TSH was 4.61. We increased the dose to 75mcg Levo and 6 weeks later my labs are: TSH 5.88, Free T4 1.43 and Free T3 3.0

However, I'm feeling a lot better. My anxiety has improved, no more heart palpitations.
My question is why would my TSH increase after 6 weeks on a higher dose of Levo? This doesn't make sense in my brain! Is that normal for hashimotos? I assume the next step would be a further increase of the Levo (maybe to 100mcg). I feel like I'm trying to outrun a train wreck (my body destroying my thyroid).

Thanks in advance!

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Is this good advice?

That was supposed to be TSH of 44.47 not TSG. :)

Is this good advice?

Hi Paisleykd,

Thank you for sharing your#. How is it going now?
For 11 years my TSH was under 9, some times higher sometimes normal.
Just recently, My TSH jumped from 6.86 to 149(yes over 100) in just two months. 9 days after starting L-T4, 50 mcg, TSH went down to 86.
After three weeks of taking 50mcg L-T4 TSH is 37 cannot wait to see what's in the future. I have Hashimoto, TPO>900.
My goal is to do my cardio 3-4x a week.
Reduce gluten and stress. Eat more seafood.
I feel brain fog, struggle remembering some words, and I have struggled with weight gain( approx 20 lbs over) for 10 yrs. It takes me 2 years to loose and 2 weeks to gain.