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Constantly being called a hypochondriac

From: MUWS20 - 1 year 29 weeks ago

I'm 19 years old, I'm not overweight but recently in the past couple of months I have gained weight. I can tell I am not myself and have become intolerant to certain foods all of the sudden. My throat is most definitely swollen, I get hives when I consume gluten (so I've cut that and dairy from my diet), I go 7-8 hours without getting hungry and constipation is a regular for me. I've had digestion/stomach problems for about 2 years and was initially diagnosed with IBS, but I never though that was the answer. So here I am at the age of 19, losing hair ( losing A LOT), and have no metabolism. I drink green tea, I try to include certain foods in my diet to increase my metabolism but then there is also the fact that I have no energy, I can't fall asleep at night, yet I am dead tired throughout the day. I can tell I'm not myself, I'm so depressed now and have no motivation for life. I know I'm young, but my mom and grandma also had thyroid problems. No one listens to me, but I can tell something is wrong with my body and I'm losing my mind trying to find out why. Just want someone to listen to me! I've completely changed my diet and I workout everyday, sometimes 2 times a day, but no progress.

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We are so sorry to hear what you are going through. There are few things more difficult than knowing that your body is not functioning properly, but not knowing why, and not being believed about it. Have you been able to see your physician or any other doctor?

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I have an appointment May 11th to meet with a physician (a new one, not the one who prescribed me with IBS). But I don't know if I need to say certain things to be taken seriously...

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We are glad to hear that you are being proactive and seeing a physician soon.

You seem to have taken full stock of all of the symptoms with which you are dealing, so presenting all of these issues honestly is the best approach. You can learn more about thyroid issues and Hashimoto's on our site:

This next link has to do with seeking out a new spine specialist, but the advice can translate to anyone with any ailment that is trying to find a new doctor: Mainly, you should feel comfortable with your doctor, and if they are exhibiting "red flags," then you should not feel like you need to continue seeing them. The article also contains a few questions you should feel comfortable asking your doctor about any treatment they might recommend.

We hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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hello, I am also very sorry to hear what you are going through. But I also have hypothyroidism and I am 14 years old, and my uncle called me fat multiple times to my face even though I am 5"4 and 135 pounds.... my fat is distributed pretty good, but I tried loosing weight and I lost about 8 pounds. I am motivated in staying active because of my friends and every time I am tired all the time, I always just get up and walk around the neighborhood for a street or two then I run, then my energy starts rising. I also recommend that you see a special doctor for thyroid. Once you start taking pills that your doctor gave you, you wont loose as much hair. And please do not change your diet completely. I am sure you are perfect just the way you are. but I guess you can change it because of the gluten but don't change your diet because of your weight. Eat what ever you want, but in small portions. happy for you that you are going to see a doctor.

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