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Hi. I am so confused, frustrated, and need some kind of answers. So, 4 years ago I began treatment for hashimotos. I began on Armour thyroid and within the first year I had lost 60 lbs and was down to 128. I felt like I was a teenager again. I was running 25 miles a week, and felt realllly great for 3 years! Since that time, weight has fluctuated and I am struggling to lose again TSH levels have fallen off the charts to 'unregistering below .008'. In January 2016 my meds were lowered from 120 to 90mg of Armour because my tsh was 0.010. I would have thought my tsh would raise due to less medication, but quite the contrary - it has fallen out of range. So, I have been told that I am extremely HYPERthyroid. Am I the only person around who can be hyperthyroid and have trouble losing weight now? Over the past two years, I have crept to 150 - and for the life of me I cannot lose weight. I run, and it hurts every step of the way, and feels like I am running through jello. I have slow digestion, hives, agitation, extreme weakness and this week have developed heart rates that are sporadic from 40 to 205 bpm! I have waited 6 months to see an endo - which I see next month. Are these normal symptoms for hyperthyroidism/Hashimotos? From what I have read, I am hypo - but my tests show hyper. The weight issue is what is reeeeeally bothering me above all else! It feels like I have no muscle left and I am a bag of weak mashed potatoes. I have lost my vroom, and I am scared to death that I cannot take these 25 lbs off before my beach vacation in 6 months. My PCP has taken me off Armour completely, put me on methimazole 5 mg 3x daily (antithyroid drug) and a beta blocker with holter monitor order for 48 hrs. If anyone has had similar issues please let me know. I have become depressed reading blogs from others with these issues and ALL complain of weight gain. I just CAN not do it. I am sooo uncomfortable in my own skin and I need some hope! I need to lose weight.. and I thought Hyperthyroidism made it hard to gain! My recent values are: TSH: less than .008 (range 0.300 - 5.000) T3 Tot: 2.7 ng/ml (range 0.6 ng/mL - 1.8 ng/mL) FREE T4: 1.53 ng/ml (range 0.80 ng/dL - 1.80 ng/dL) Thyroid PERX: 1017.2 (range 0.00 units - 100.00 units) Thank you! Any information would be greatly appreciated! I want my life back and my body :(

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