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Free T3 pooling and hyper symptoms?

From: shesupsidedown - 1 year 38 weeks ago


New here and looking to hear your personal experience. I was diagnosed 6 years ago with Hashis. Until this Sept I was doing ok on about 2 grains...relatively stable, usually only having to tinker with my meds seasonally. Usually skewing on the side of hypo. Then this Sept I went high. I lost a ton of weight, felt sped up, heart palps, digestion issues. Got my first UTI. Adjusted my meds seemed to even out. Then in October, I had a HUGE stressful event happen. This plunged me into major anxiety and panic attacks, a nightly sense of doom, depression, fatigue, I couldn't leave the house or socialize. For the next 3 months I had autoimmune flares, meaning I would feel the UTI or a cold sore coming on, but it wouldn't come on full was like my body was warning me or something..hard to explain. In Dec the every day panic and doom feeling subsided and I felt back to nomral-ish. I have continued to feel a little on the high side but that has felt better then hair loss, brain fog and fatigue. Anxiety has been off and on. I have to carry Xanax with me at all times in case of a panic attack. Digestion never got better. I began exercising heavily a few months ago and now I have definitely felt as if I am skewing on the high side. I seem to have a endless supply of energy (I was doing a 40-60min HIIT or weight workout 6 days a week, hiking 6-7 miles 5 days a week, yoga, and could still do more!), waking up after only 5-6 hours of sleep, mind sharp as a tack, but the nightly panic attacks are returning and I would feel detached from my body often. I thought I was overtraining..until I read about free T3 pooling. In the last week when ever I take my meds I feel like I took amphetamines. So my doc told me to not take any medication for a few days and start climbing back up.
My current levels are T4: 1.10 Free T3 4.8 TSH .0008 The funny thing is this is the first time in 6 years my antibodies have been so low! TPO AB 28. DHEA is on the high but normal side: 225. Ferritin is low at 24. Havent had a 24 hour saliva test..I am going to order one. Though my cortisol was tested a few months back by blood and was fine.

I feel super nervous about stopping my meds...but I am having to take Xanax daily now to feel grounded in my body. Anyone have any thoughts about pooling and adrenal fatigue?

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