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Weird throat sensation

From: armedchixrule - 4 years 37 weeks ago

Has anyone ever experienced a weird sensation not so much like being choked, but more of a burning sensation up and down neck? Now last night, I felt in center of my chest up to my throat?! At times, I will get little pains on outside of my throat but not often! Sometimes feel like I have hands around my neck, but not to the point of choking?! Scary feeling to say the least. All routine 3 month blood test are normal for everything?

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It has been 2 1/2 years since this was posted, but maybe it can help someone else. I have been diagnosed with subacute thyroiditis. I get this same feeling you are getting. It's like the feeling you get when a bad chest infection is coming one, but it never does. As my antibody numbers have come down, this feeling comes less often. Now I associate it following those spells when my heart races. My thyroid hormone levels are all now normal, but the antibodies are still high - though coming down ever so slowly.