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Help with TSH, T3/T4, and Thyroid antibody levels?

From: Kirsty7771 - 4 years 24 weeks ago

I ordered a thyroid panel from, went to get my blood drawn, and now that I have the results I would really appreciate if someone could help me understand them. Below are my levels (with the range), and also my symptoms.
Also, I have also included the test #, just in case that's important? I don't know.

Thyroxine Binding Globulin (001735) = 18 ug/mL (Range: 13-39)
Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) Ab (006676) = 7 IU/mL (Range: 0-26)
Thyroglobulin Antibody (006706) = <1.0 IU/mL (Range: 0.0-0.9)
Reverse T3, Serum (070105) = 30.2 ng/dL (Range: 9.2-24.1)
Thyroid Stim Immunoglobulin (140747) = 50% (Range:1-139)
TSH (004264) = 1.99 uIU/mL (Range: 0.450-4.500)
Triiodothyronine, Free, Serum (010389) = 3.4 pg/mL (Range:2.3-5.0)
T4, Free (Direct) (019745) = 1.43 ng/dL (Range: 0.93-1.60)

For about seven years I've had acne, weight gain (and difficultly to lose weight with strict diets), brain fog, fatigue, and mostly chronic pain.
Back then, my pain was always focused around my abdomen, but then maybe a year or two ago it spread to all over my body. I get pain in my lower back (I've always thought it was my weight), sometimes my legs (actually, especially if I'm sitting not even for a long time, I'll stand up and get pain and I have to wait a moment to actually walk), I've had moments where I get such a sharp, stabbing pain in my abdomen that I would just collapse from how sudden it was. I get joint pain, and even pain that feels like it's bone-deep (a lot of the times I get pain in my collarbone too), I get random, dull-like pain that doesn't last very long in my throat as well, and the most recent and most common pain I get is my chest-wall/chest. It's sudden and hurts so bad that I just have to wait it out.
I also get sick all the time. Pain is something so common that It's to a point that I don't know if something else is wrong or not. I've one time found out I had a ruptured cyst on my ovaries, but the pain felt the same. (honestly, that was just pure luck I went to the doctor that day). I have chronic ear infections, chronic sinus infections, chronic bronchitis, and basically, I'm just always getting sick. (Heck, right now I have a cold).
Also, I seem to have weird digestive problems. (Warning: TMI). My number two is always changing. I mean, in color, in shape, in everything. I also have excess gas at random moments. Because of all of this, plus the fact that the layer on my tongue is always white-ish (even when I brush my teeth!) and I read that it's caused by food sensitivity, that I've started to think it's caused by something such as Lactose or Gluten. I had gone on a clean diet for awhile and LOVED it though still had a lot of symptoms, but right now I'm in college and broke, and I don't have the money, so gluten is still in my diet sadly. For awhile, It looked like I was lactose intolerant so I avoided it. Then one day I put it back in my diet because the I was craving milk and didn't have lactose free milk, and I didn't have the usual bowel movement, gas, and pain problems. I was normal.
Also, I tend to always have my period every other month (I used to have it every FIVE months), and it lasts between 8-11 days, and usually ten days.
I can't think of any other symptoms, but those are my major ones.

Gender: Female
Weight: (last checked) 170ish pounds.
Height: 5'1.
Age symptoms started: 12
Age now: 19

I have been looking up things to explain my symtpoms, but I keep getting a LOT of stuff about aging. Well, I'm nineteen years old.

Also, I do not feel stressed out, but people always think I am or think I should be. Honestly, I'm starting to wonder if I just don't realize I'm stressed. Also, I'm not depressed, but I've had issues with depression in the past.

Anyway, if anyone can help me understand these results, please help me! it would be greatly appreciated! I'm going to try to go to the doctor soon, but honestly my insurance sucks. So I'll have to figure it out soon. But for now, I really need some help.
Thanks! :)

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I would google each test. I always like to see what the Mayo Clinic site says and usually check at least a couple more. There's often good info at the lab sites as well (like Quest Diagnostics). If you look at several of those, you may notice that their "normal ranges" differ, especially for TSH. There is some disagreement as to what the normal range should be. I have no medical training, but I can see that, with the exception of the Reverse T3 and possibly the TSI, all your results are within the normal ranges that you listed. Of course, that does not mean that you are not ill! You know you are. But some doctors will look at your results and dismiss your complaints. Keep searching for one who will take them seriously. Your problems may be "sub-clinical". Good luck. Edit: OOps, just saw your other post.