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Hashimoto's fainting episodes?

From: Listerineyana - 1 year 49 weeks ago

I've have been having fainting episodes when I exercise or when I stop walking. Unfortunately it's not the spinning with nausea vertigo that goes away in a few hours or days but the type of vertigo that makes me feel like I'm dippng, lifting, tilting back, swooning - exactly like a really drunk mode - all day long and it doesn't stop before I rest my head back on bed/couch. Also I have hairloss, no apetite, constipation, chest pain never losing weight despite serious exercise (before I was this dizzy) and diet, and it's causing me severe anger issues because I've been trying to lose weight for more than 4years without anyluck...

I have Hashimoto's Hypothyroid and take levothyroxine (25/50mg) and my TSH is till slighty higher than range. Any1 having the same problems?


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