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HELP- Thyroid bloodwork normal

From: Crzygirl9ch - 4 years 7 weeks ago

I have had EVERY test for thyroid & it is all in the middle of normal range. On top of being exhausted, brain fog, hair loss, I now found out I have neuropathy. An endocrinologist did say he has tried 30mg Armour to see if this helps on a few people. I am in so much pain I don't know if I should try it. I'm looking for someone who is "normal" & has tried Armour to see if it helped. I take adderall for ADHD & it is barely keeping me awake. Also on low dose bc pills.

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Please post your labs and ranges for these tests; FT3, FT4, TSH, RT3. Only then can we start to get an idea of whether or not your thyroid is functional. For example, FT3 has to be in the top three quarters in the range for one to typically feel good.

That is too low of a starting dose and will make one feel worse typically. The starting dose should be 1 grain or 65mgs.

The pain you have tells me you do not have enough T3 in your blood yet. You are very, very likely still hypo.