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Need Comforting

From: samjud1005 - 2 years 3 weeks ago


The day after I turned 29 I got this extremely bizarre pain in my chest, that I thought was heart pain! It scared me, that the next day I ended up heading to the ER to get the odd pain checked out. Turns out, it was walking pneumonia (with no symptoms present) and they sent me on my way! Days later, the pain was so intense that I left work and headed to urgent care. Now, at this time I was told I had Costochondritis, and inflammation of my upper body. The pain was so intense that I had a massive panic attack while at Walmart and found myself back in the ER. After rounds of tests, I was told my TSH level was elevated and that I needed to see my primary physician as it appears I am hypo. I had an appointment for 10/17, and when my blood was taken at the appointment. TSH was NORMAL! I felt betrayed by my own body! Days later, my doctor called and told me my antibodies were severely elevated and I was officially diagnosed with Hashimoto's.

Now, here I am, 1 whole month later and continue thinking I'm dying everyday! This pain sucks!

So my questions are, with Hashi's, has anyone continued to feel the rock in your throat, chest, "heart", shoulder, upper back, and leg cramps? I just want to know I am not alone!

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I have had hashimotos for over 2 years now..well diagnosed. There are a lot of symptoms with it and heart palpitations is one of them. I have severe anxiety because of it. I've done lots of research which helped me and talked to people who have it as well.

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