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ALL thyroid bloodwork normal, trying Armour 30mg for symptoms

From: Crzygirl9ch - 34 weeks 6 days ago

I'm wondering if anyone else has tried using Armour even with ALL bloodwork being normal. Last TSH was 2.08, two years ago it was over 5. Yes, I have had antibioties tested, t4, t3, cortisol, and more. All hormones, vitamins,hormones etc. Bit low in Vit D, Taking supplements. Ultrasound on thyroid is just slight-mod enlarged w/ disfuse nodules throughout, too small to FNA. Ultrasound again in 6 months. My endocrinologist has tried with a handfull of people to try this because I have soooo many hypothyroid symptoms such as I've lost almost 1/2 of my hair in the past 6 months, depression which has not gotten better on antidepressants, only worse, foggy brain, extreme fatigue. Currently taking Adderall for ADD and it is the only thing keeping me awake. I do also take Deplin for MTHFR gene. (My body doesn't process folic acid correctly) and I am also on a low dose birth control. I'm only 21 and have not felt "right" for a year and it has just gotten worse, this is not great for a college student. If anyone has tried this without having hypothyroid "on paper" I'd love to hear some input. I don't plan on trying this for possibly a few weeks as I am currently tapering off this useless antidepressant, and I've tried many. Thanks so much!

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I recently had a complete thyroidectomy due to a very large nodule and hypothyroid symptoms, which became worse after surgery, but my Dr put me on 30mcg of Armour 3 weeks ago and I am feeling better than I have in years! It took a couple of weeks, but now my skin looks beautiful and I have my energy back and I am so grateful my Dr really listens and cares and started me on this more natural thyroid replacement right away. I don't know why Dr's don't prescribe it more often. It's like a miracle in a tiny little pill. I was afraid to have my thyroid removed bc I had previously had a bad reaction to synthroid...and knew I'd need a thyroid replacement afterwards...but I've had absolutely no side effects at all...if anything...I've had many good side-benefits. I hope Armour works as well for you. I've read the reviews and most people do very well on it. Good luck and feel better soon.
PS: My hair was falling out before this too but I'm happy to say that it isn't falling out anymore. I look and feel better and people have noticed it too.