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ALL thyroid bloodwork normal, trying Armour 30mg for symptoms

From: Crzygirl9ch - 4 years 12 weeks ago

I'm wondering if anyone else has tried using Armour even with ALL bloodwork being normal. Last TSH was 2.08, two years ago it was over 5. Yes, I have had antibioties tested, t4, t3, cortisol, and more. All hormones, vitamins,hormones etc. Bit low in Vit D, Taking supplements. Ultrasound on thyroid is just slight-mod enlarged w/ disfuse nodules throughout, too small to FNA. Ultrasound again in 6 months. My endocrinologist has tried with a handfull of people to try this because I have soooo many hypothyroid symptoms such as I've lost almost 1/2 of my hair in the past 6 months, depression which has not gotten better on antidepressants, only worse, foggy brain, extreme fatigue. Currently taking Adderall for ADD and it is the only thing keeping me awake. I do also take Deplin for MTHFR gene. (My body doesn't process folic acid correctly) and I am also on a low dose birth control. I'm only 21 and have not felt "right" for a year and it has just gotten worse, this is not great for a college student. If anyone has tried this without having hypothyroid "on paper" I'd love to hear some input. I don't plan on trying this for possibly a few weeks as I am currently tapering off this useless antidepressant, and I've tried many. Thanks so much!

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I recently had a complete thyroidectomy due to a very large nodule and hypothyroid symptoms, which became worse after surgery, but my Dr put me on 30mcg of Armour 3 weeks ago and I am feeling better than I have in years! It took a couple of weeks, but now my skin looks beautiful and I have my energy back and I am so grateful my Dr really listens and cares and started me on this more natural thyroid replacement right away. I don't know why Dr's don't prescribe it more often. It's like a miracle in a tiny little pill. I was afraid to have my thyroid removed bc I had previously had a bad reaction to synthroid...and knew I'd need a thyroid replacement afterwards...but I've had absolutely no side effects at all...if anything...I've had many good side-benefits. I hope Armour works as well for you. I've read the reviews and most people do very well on it. Good luck and feel better soon.
PS: My hair was falling out before this too but I'm happy to say that it isn't falling out anymore. I look and feel better and people have noticed it too.