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Autoimmune disorder

From: Ladkisson@winds... - 2 years 9 weeks ago

Do you have a higher chance developing another autoimmune disorder with having one already? I have hashimotos and I have been have tingling in my face they thought it was at first was from low calcium but that don't seem to be the reason. They are now sending me to a neurologist. Has anyone else had this issue?

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It is possible to develop other Autoimmune conditions if you already have one. It is possible that you are low in iron, Vitiman D and Omegas. I had the tingling in my hands and arms so bad it was driving me bonkers. I don't have that problem anymore since I started taking my supplements. Have you looked into trying all natural supplements yet? If you would like to know more message me. I hope that was helpful

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Yes I have low vitamin d and low calcium and take supplements for both. Right now still have the tingling and my labs are coming back fine.

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