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From: Charleigh85 - 2 years 11 weeks ago

I have got hypothyroidism and am on 125mg levo.just found out i have hashimotos and am feeling really tired and low and very tearful. I have heard that i could have to go gluten free and dairy free im ao confused in what i have to do and eat i feel like i dont no how to make my self better just need a bit of advise from someone that has had it and knows abit about it thank you.

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Hi , I have Hashimoto's disease. I got diagnosed correctly finally this past December. My Dr told me there was nothing I could do besides take Levothyroxine forever and deal with being heavier. He said no diet change or supplement regiment would help at all. He was so wrong. Of you would like yo know more please message me. I hope that was helpful

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