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Help & Advice: Should I have a baby?

From: autoimmunitygirl - 4 years 19 weeks ago

Hi, I'm new here and really just after some real honest advice and stories from people with similar health issues to myself who have either had a baby or tried to or even decided that it wasn't a good idea to try.

I am 26 and have hashimoto's. I also have pernicious anaemia, endometriosis, hemiplegic migraine, vulvodynia (meaning I don't know how we'd even attempt to conceive in the first place!) and a huge laundry list of other conditions.

Me and my husband of 2 years have realised that we do want children and I have been told despite my endo that my tubes look fine so physically ok. But what I want to know is can i cope? My thyroid levels according to my gp have been fine for the last 2 years but I still have days where I have to stay in bed if I've overdone things. I get dizzy easily. I know my sense of normal isn't like most without these conditions. So can I cope with not only being pregnant but being a mum? And is it even a good idea to potentially be passing my problems on to another generation?

We wouldn't be ready to try for another couple of years but it's something that is tearing me up inside and just hearing from some people who have been there would be of great help. Thank you so much in advance.

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