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Normal Results- No Answers

From: Kberls - 4 years 25 weeks ago

I'm currently struggling with constant fatigue especially in my muscles have been for 2 years now. Just walking to the mailbox some days feels like a marathon run. It's hard to function when I feel so physically limited. I'm always sleepy and never feel rested, struggle with concentration & weight gain, have slurred speech sometimes when I'm tired, low libido, etc. It seems to be worse before I get my period. A year ago my doctor dismissed it as depression. Anti-depressants are not changing any symptoms and are possibly making me more tired. I switched doctors and my current doctor sent me for a sleep and nap study with no results and I met with a neurologist who wants to do some testing. My thyroid levels are low but within the realm of normal. I have a family history of hypothyroidism and my mothers numbers when she was diagnosed were also considered "normal". My crappy health insurance has a high deductible and I would rather see an endocrinologist before a neurologist because I just have a feeling this is a hormonal thing rather than neurological. The wait to see these doctors is months and I am sick of waiting around to do tests and wait on negative results. I asked my doctor for a referral to an Endo Dr and she said no. I feel like I have not been taken seriously throughout this process and I am not able to advocate for myself. The frustration is really getting to me. Any suggestions on how to proceed? Below are my Thyroid results.

T4 (THYROXINE) FREE 0.95 Normal range 0.71-1.85 Nanogram/dL
THYROID STIMULATING HORMONE 0.79 Normal range 0.35-4.94 mcIU/mL

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Is this good advice?

I have been told the same by doctors. Do you have hasimotos disease or any other signa?