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Tsh 6.6 t4 1.2

From: richmanny - 4 years 25 weeks ago

I have a few questions. Im new here. Just had complete physical and got called into doc about bloodwork. My TSH was 6.6 my T4 was 1.2. Doc didnt put me on anything. Also my LDL was way up 277 and was placed on lipitor. I have been reading how low thyroid can drive up ldl? Mine was never this high. Im wondering if going on low dose thyroid meds would do anything for my ldl?i dont want to be on lipitor. Im cleaning up diet big time. Less than 30 gm sugar loosing the gluten and trying to eat much better. Also more exercise. I have gained about 10 lbs over last year. Im 55 yr old male and live near buffalo ny have had alot of emotional problems in life. Anxiety panic depression as well as fatigue muscle aches joint pain as of late. Headaches etc. thought it was old age. I see theirs not much i can do other than try gluten free. Are my numbers bad? Should i be on thyroid meds, will my diet help this thyroid thing? Kinda freaked out. Two of my sisters have issues. One hypo for 15 years other hashimoto?

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