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hyperthyroid TSH levels, hypothyroid symptoms?

From: amy9620 - 8 years 6 weeks ago

Any ideas? My doc and I are both stumped. I have a TSH of .34 (it was .47 1 1/2 weeks ago and .97 6 months ago) My T3 and T4 are right down the middle. I have hypothyroid symptoms though? I get HORRIBLE muscle and joint aches, especially in my hips and feet, headaches, fatigue, occasional cold intolerance, carpal tunnel like feeling and difficulty losing weight, and weakness, especially in my hands. Tonight I noticed I was running a low grade fever about 99.4, I always run about 97.4. ANY IDEAS!?

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" "You will find some answers there.

Is this good advice?

Hi Amy,
There are many reason for your TSH dropping. Go to
There is a wonderful yahoo group that will help you, actually there are two! These are the websites with the info and you can get to the groups from there:

They have great amounts of current info that will really be worth reading!! Then you can ask questions and you will actually get help!! I hope this helps you. Terri

To get the complete picture you need to have the following done. Once you get these done then you can post to the groups. They will not suggest anything unless you have labs posted.
First do this: Adrenal Stress Index Panel Saliva Test Kit. You can get it from the canary club, ZRT or other places. It takes about 3 weeks to get the results back. Very easy to do at home though.
Then have these blood tests done.
FT3 (Free T3)
FT4 (Free T4)
RT3 (Reverse T3) Then need to calculate ratio of T3/RT3 = example: 370/17 = 21.76 (Needs to be over 19 or you have an RT3 problem)
Complete Iron Panel (Ferritin, TIBC, UIBC, Iron (Serum), Iron (Saturation)
Vitamin D
All B vitamins
CMP (Complete Metabolic Panel) This will have your electrolytes (sodium, potassium). (Calcium too!, don't know if it is in there)
Estrogen (If you still have periods this has to be done on a certain day - day 21.
Aldestrone & Rennin (there are special things you have to do for this (fast salt 24-48 hours, get up at 6 am, have test taken at 8am, on third day of period if you are still having them) this is not done lying down!!
Magnesium (RBC)


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I'm actually glad you posted that, as I have the similar results and have been trying to work this out. I had a TSH of 0.024 which went up to 0.1, and then stuck there. Same with the T3 and T4 - normal, though T4 is at the top end of the reference range. My hypo symptoms include constant low body temp, (96), and lacking outer third of eyebrows.
I was wondering, (guessing), that this could be some kind of Thyroid hormone resistance. Maybe T3, the active form of Thyroid hormone is not getting into the cells and this is what is producing the hypo symptoms. Your body makes more and more T4 to counteract the lack of T3 in the cells, but this is futile if either you are not good at converting T4 to T3, or your cells don't respond to T3. When your body eventually senses too much T4 is washing around, it tries to solve the problem by converting the T4 to reverse T3, (RT3, which acts like a safety valve for too much T4). So, the T4 and T3 stay in the normal range (is your T4 high in the normal range?), but you have hypo symptoms because you are hypothyroid. Maybe you should get your RT3 tested. the ratio of RT3 to T3 may tell you you are resistant to thyroid hormones or not so good at converting from T4 to T3. I think that's how it works.
Stop the thyroid madness book and website are indeed very very useful.

Is this good advice?

I had similar issues. My other hormones were out of balance (estrogen high and testosterone low). The joint pain I had was caused by adrenal fatigue and taking a low dose cortisol has made the problem go away.

It is also not abnormal for hypo/hyper symptoms to be similar.

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