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Normal Tsh

From: mcihellegrieve - 9 years 38 weeks ago

I was just wondering if anyone out there feels they are unwell even though the doctor says their Tsh is noraml. My tsh was 2.6 4 yrs ago now it is 3.14. my thyroid has grown in size and i have 2 nodules on one side instead of the one i had 4 yrs ago. I am tired, have gained weight, ache, have sore eyes that are sensitive to light etc etc. I am function alright on a day to day basis but not as good as i used to. Am i just getting old (38 in nov)

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Yes! I'm kind of in the same boat! Except my TSH is dropping? I feel awful a good part of the day. In reading I am seeing a lot that they are saying that the newer trend is the older trend and they aren't paying as much attention to the TSH as they are the clinical manifestation of your symptoms. It's your health, fight for it, if you feel unwell, find an endocrinologist and have them take a look! That's what Im' doing. The body is too complex for one person to understand it all, that is why doctors specialize. Good luck to you! I hope they are able to piece it together and help you feel better soon :)

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Is anybody receiving successful treatment, if so what is it please?