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RAI on Wednesday

From: brina - 10 years 50 weeks ago

have been hypo for quite some time with a tsh of 8 at the highest, i was told hashimotos. I recently went very hyper thyroid tsh .02. My Dr said to take rai to help with the up and down swings. With hypo i was holding weight, with hyper i was very very anxious and having panic attacks. I was begining to feel ok, my tsh had gone to .3 and i started lexapro. I had the rai done on wednesday and and thursday afternoon i started having anxiety even on 20 of lexapro. I cant sleep. The dr put me on propranolol to help, then my bp is dropping 95/56. I realy dont feel well. I know it had only been a few days, my concern is: will this anxiety go away, and how can I head off the hypo that will surely come? I know i will need sythroid, i just have read so many stories of people who can never get normal after rai. I just felt I had not choice with the rollaer coaster I was on. How long before you felt good after rai?

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