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10 year old daughter with TSH at 582

From: K-Krew - 2 years 21 weeks ago

A few weeks ago, during routine physical exam, we discovered that my ten year old's TSH level was over 300. Her pediatrician told me not to worry as it was clearly a lab error because it couldn't be that high. I said I would come back right away to have blood re-drawn just to be sure and she said she would send it to a different lab. Had a lot of difficulty with my pediatrician's office a few days later (it was July 4th weekend) trying to get results of the second lab results and was told by pediatrician on call, absolutely no need to worry because that number had to be in error. Well, I was worried and they finally were able to track down the results and TSH was over 250. We went to emergency room and met with endocrinologist who took more blood and now TSH was 582. He put her on synthroid and said to meet with another endocrinologist after the holiday. Met with her and she said continue with the synthroid and come back in a month to have blood re-tested. They believe my daughter has Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Doctors seemed fairly nonchalant about the whole thing, even though none of them had ever seen levels that high. When I asked why it was that high, they said they didn't know and that it really didn't matter, we just have to treat it with the synthroid. I feel like it should be looked into further - like could there be something else that could make the TSH so elevated and is there any other possible problems that we should be watching out for because of such a high number. Any thoughts??

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I'm so sorry no one's answered you. Has your daughter had more blood tests? Has she been tested for thyroid antibodies to see if it's definitely Hashimoto's? If it is she could have any of a wide variety of symptoms since the thyroid affects the whole body.

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I have Hashimotos, so does my child(19 y.o.) make sure doctors checked Reverse T3. Also , put her on gluten and dairy free diet for 90 days. There is a new trend in medicine, called Functional Medicine( these doctors use new research). It uses Cytomel (T3) in addition to levothyroxine.

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