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Hashi symptoms

From: Cat4383 - 4 years 28 weeks ago

Hi, I'm new to the forum. I was diagnosed with hashi in March this year. I have had very little help from Gp or consultant. The consultant was just rude actually, I left in tears. So I'm just looking for others experience and symptoms, just to know that I'm not alone I suppose. I had a short period of time when the brain fog and tiredness lifted but now it's back but apparently I only need a yearly monitoring blood test?? I also have a lot of pain in my joints, particularly ankles and fingers. I also regularly get urgency to open my bowels. Sorry if that's tmi! Lol. When you look at info it often says thyroid replacement is all you need, I really don't think this is true, the immune system is the problem, the thyroid is the symptoms.

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