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Possible Hashimotos

From: SpringMi - 4 years 12 weeks ago

Hi there :)

I have been having really odd health issues for around 3 years now - all mysterious with no solution. (Fatigue, changes in vision, changes in hearing, hot flashes, muscle twitches etc). I'm a 29 year old female btw. Recently I got a ultrasound of my neck, after complaining to many doctors that I had a "lump" feeling in my lower throat that made me feel like I was being strangled. It would be more obvious some days than others, but was consistent over a couple of months. So the ultrasound found that I have a "very heterogenous" thyroid gland. I'm just going to quote what the report said:

1 Very heterogeneous thyroid gland suggestive of chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis (Hashimoto's). Correlation with laboratory findings recommended. Subcentimetre right thyroid lobe nodule.

2. Multiple bilateral small cervical lymph nodes, not enlarged by sonographic criteria and probably reactive.

So, because the doctors note mentioned hashimoto's - and suggested further blood work I want to talk to my doctor about this. My problem is, that I am not very assertive with my doctor and am concerned this is not going to be thoroughly investigated. Is there certain blood tests I should ask for, or should I ask for a referral to a specialist for this issue?

Okay - I need to give some background to explain why I don't quite know what to do:
About a year ago, I had a blood test done that showed I had hypothyroidism - but the thing is, about a month into taking medication for this (which did seem to help my energy) I developed this "lump" feeling in my throat. It's odd but it seems like the medication (synthroid) seem to cause my thyroid to change and cause this feeling. This is just my own assumption, my doctor never confirmed this. This feeling when it first arrived, was so alarming and unusual, that I thought it must be the new medication. So I stopped it, even though my doctor didn't think the meds were the cause. I know this wasn't the best idea, but I was desperate to get rid of the lump, is caused sleep problems and disorientation, and I honestly didn't trust my doctor's opinion on this point. Sadly the lump sensation did not disappear when I stopped the meds, and I still have that sensation today (though much more mild). My doctor did do another blood test for my thryoid a couple of months later, and apparently it was normal, so I haven't taken any more meds for that. The Ultrasound that showed my thyroid to be "very heterogenous" - (which I believe means uneven or asymmetrical) was done on April 28th, 2016. So this is still an issue.

I am confused and not sure how to proceed. If any one has any suggestions on how to move forward - what tests to ask for, or even what to avoid, that would be great. I am a little wary of synthroid, perhaps irrationally, because it seemed to kickstart that awful "lump" feeling in my throat.

I would really love to feel better, and want to get treated, so if any one could help even a little that would be great!


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