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Why 100% gluten free?

From: Bubbles67 - 4 years 33 weeks ago

I have hashimotos and an trying to go gluten free but having read lots and lots I think it is almost impossible.

OK if you live in your own fine but not with a family.

Why is it necessary to be totally gluten free and how will I know?

Will simply reducing gluten to say 99.5% still show improvements in symptoms.

My last question is why so few people on this forum if 14 million in USA have hashimotos.

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Is this good advice?

I have been gluten free for 5 years. I eat vey basic quinoa, meat, fish, eggs and lots of veggies. Keeping it very basic with my diet helps immensely. I stay away from corn too as it causes inflammation. When I eat gluten I swell up and ache in my joints. My understanding is that the body mistakes gluten as invaders and your immune response is turned on. I know for me removing gluten and dairy has helped reduce anti-tpo from over 500 to less than90today. Many foods cause an inflammation in the body so a diet such as 'The Plan" helps to identify which foods cause inflammation and which do not. Cholesterol issues have also resolved with this approach.