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Doctor says to just wait and retest again in 6 months.

From: HashimotoTwin - 1 year 49 weeks ago

I recently had blood work done after feeling fatigue, mental fog, difficulty with word recall, and mood swings.
Here are my numbers:
TSH 8.58 µIU/mL (ref range: 0.27-4.20)
Free T4 1.19 ng/dL (ref range: 0.80-1.80)
TPO 141 IU/mL (ref range: 0.0-116.0)

My identical twin brother and sister have hashimoto's. My doctor suggested that my mental health issues are more likely a result of my stress from a new job than a byproduct of my thyroid. He explained that the T4 levels are normal so I shouldn't be experiencing any side affects from any thyroid issues at this point.

His advice is to wait it out and retest in 6 months and see where we're at. So 2 questions:

1) Is just waiting the best or only thing I can do? Is that typical?
2) Are my symptoms really not possibly related to my thyroid? Honest answers please, if it's really stress related I am ok with that, I just need to work on mindfulness or exercise. However, I just feel helpless and without a better understanding I'm not sure where to focus.

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1 Response

Is this good advice?

My understanding is that there is a separate test specifically Hashimoto disease. I would definitely request that.

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