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I'm new and lost

From: Mom126inNJ - 5 years 30 weeks ago

In a nutshell, I have a lot of endocrine symptoms but no diagnosis so I got sent to an endocrinologist. I'm a 36/f

My symptoms are: unwanted hair (neck, chin, breasts etc), acne on my back, very dry skin, fast pulse, mild anxiety, difficulty losing weight, fat abdomen, headaches. I also had difficulty getting pregnant it took 19 months.

My labs: I am normal except my T3 uptake which is 26...25 is normal and carbon dioxide 16 and 18 is normal.
T4 8.6
TSH (not drawn this time but prior 1.9, 3.8
A1C 5.5
Glucose 95
B12 378
Estradiol 76.8
FSH 5.1
LH 6
Total testosterone 20.3
Free test direct 1.1

There are other results but normal. Is it possible to have all these symptoms and no reason? Dies this sometimes happen and you need repeated blood work? These labs were drawn 8 days prior to my period starting if that counts for anything.

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Is this good advice?

Have you taken any steroids lately for anything. Some of what you are saying sounds a little like Cushing's, but there can be a medicine type Cushing's that can occur if one is on steroids. This happened to my mother.