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Could Mild thyroid enlargement be Hashimoto's?

From: Canira - 2 years 41 weeks ago

Hello! I have another autoimmune disorder (sjogren's) and the front of my neck has felt tender and achy. I had a thyroid ultrasound and was told my thyroid was enlarged. I got the actual report today and it says "mild enlargement." It gives the measurements and it does not seem symmetrical based on the sizes of the lobes. I've read Hashimoto's usually shows diffuse enlargement. I have many hypo symptoms, particularly fatigue, low temp, cold intolerance, hair loss, etc. but my tsh and t4 were normal (not even close to borderline, as far as I can tell). I have so much on my plate with seeing doctors for my health right now, i don't want to push for an endocrinologist if it doesn't seem likely. Could a mild enlargement as described still be Hashimoto's?

Thanks in advance!


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