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Doctors not listening

From: Kandy1131 - 4 years 23 weeks ago

Hi, so I have suffered from multiple problems over the years and been to my fair share of doctors and they all tell me that my thyroid is fine and they try to treat my other symptoms separately with no success! I have told the doctors that there is no way I have 20 things wrong with me. I think my thyroid is causing 20 different problems. Does anyone have any advice for me. Doctors don't like to hear that I do my research because its my body and I have a responsibility to myself to try to make myself better by any means possible. I can't deal with all these problems anymore, can someone please help me!!!!

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Yes, I do. I went and am going through the same thing but finally I have found a doctor that believes me. Now, we are getting to the bottom of my issue which is my Free T3 is low plus I have Hashimoto's. Keep switching doctors until you find one that believes you. That's what my therapist told me to do so I did it. Good luck because I know its a pain.