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TSH >150

From: AudetMam - 3 years 6 weeks ago

I've been Hypothyroid for decades now. I missed a doctor appointment last year, got it rescheduled and then had to change it again. Around this same time my prescription for Synthyroid expired. I was taking 225mcg a day. I was told that my doctor wouldn't refill my script at the pharmacy. I finally got an appointment in January, got my blood work done which is when my TSH came back >150. Then my doctor's office rescheduled my appointment again for February. My guess that my TSH is so high is because I haven't had my Synthyroid since late October. My skin has always been very dry and itchy though recently over the past couple of weeks I've developed something more of a something that I can only describe as something like a contact dermatitis or rash on my arms. At times they burn, always itch and are bumpy like hives I guess. Is this something that could be caused from my Hypothyroidism as well, or just something else I have to look forward to being miserable with?

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