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Hashimoto's and Bromine?

From: kdnwieners - 2 years 50 weeks ago

Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and don't normally contribute to online forums and discussions. I have been battling thyroid disorder for 25 years now, the last 6 having been clinically diagnosed. I have mood swings, muscle aches, fatigue, brain fog, ingrown toenails(which only started after beginning to take Synthroid ) Hair loss, Alupecia, swelling of the joints( especially my wrists and fingers) Weeping eyes,itchy skin (also post synthroid), and chronic sinusitis. I was diagnosed as hypo by my family Doc but found that my treatment .75 synthroid daily although helping some, was bringing on other symptoms. My GP was adamant that these symptoms were not caused by the synthroid. I stopped taking it and low and behold the new symptoms ceased. I have done a lot of research of late Reading Reading Reading and internet as well as conversation with others that are in a similar place as myself. I have come to realize that I am most likely suffering from hashimoto's. I am male and I have realized that this is rare in that the number of women suffering from thyroid issues far out numbers the cases of men.Through all my research ( I AM NOT A DOCTOR) something has peaked my interest. BROMINE!! A healthy endocrine system must have adequate Iodine to function properly as well as many other systems within our bodies. Iodine and bromine are in the same category on the periodical Table of elements(Halogens) which include Florine,Chlorine,Bromine,Iodine,and Astetine. Bromide is a common endocrine disruptor. It competes for the very same receptors that capture iodine in our systems and will also displace Iodine in our systems.Which leads to abnormal hormone production in the thyroid gland.Three Common sources of bromine intake are pesticides(Methyl Bromide) Breads (potassium bromate, A dough conditioner used in commercial bakery products and some flours) and BVO (Brominated Vegetable oil ) Used to suspend flavour in juices and in Soda(pop). Bromine can also be found in plastics, medications, fire retardants(Textiles, Clothing against your body's largest organ "your skin") Bromine is known as the Halogen bully, Not only does it displace iodine in our systems, Also the build up of bromine in our systems is toxic in and of itself and can lead to a host of psychological disorders not the least of which being depression.And Acute paranoia.
I am embarking on a new route, in order to attempt to reverse my condition. I will be doing a lot more research and reading ( especially on food labels) as to what i am ingesting,both orally and transdermally. I hope to see improvements going forward. To others out there, I have found a lot of great info and support via these forums and would like to say we are not alone,or crazy! although these conditions are hard to explain to people outside of them they are real and they are very difficult for our everyday lives. Please research all the things you question, as the answer for you might be right in front of you. Also I am not in any way advocating that anyone Discount the advice of medical practitioners,more to the point Involve their input in your overview of all your collective information. We all need to educate and care for ourselves. I hope I haven't offended anyone and would really appreciate any personal experiences or info on the subject of Bromine.
Thank you, Rick.

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