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Hashimotos and Inheritability

From: NotoriousTHY - 2 years 50 weeks ago

Hi! I am new here. I have not yet been diagnosed with any type of thyroid condition but I strongly suspect I may be dealing with one. I took a blood test and I am awaiting my results. I went to see my GP. She did not conduct any type of physical examination of my thyroid which was very off putting. She wrote out the bloodworm to have my TSH, T4 and T3up and FTI tested. That's all as far as thyroid goes. She also did a kidney function, B12 and a few other tests. She seemed very skeptical about my symptoms.

My question here is what if my results don't show I have a thyroid condition? Where do I go from there? I know I am not imagining these symptoms although everyone else seems to think I am. I actually started to research Thyroid disorders because I was trying to find reasons for my chronically puffy eyes. I've been plagued with bad allergies for most of my life. As of late a lot of my allergy symptoms have subsided (i.e., itchy eyes, sneezing, itchy ears and throat) but the congestion is getting worse, leading me to get more frequent sinus infections. I treated all my other symptoms and even made environmental changes like allergy covering for my bed, etc. my eyes are still chronically puffy. I've tried several things to try to reduce them to no avail. I am only 34 so I can't figure out why.

I stumbled upon Hypothyroidism/Hashimotos while trying to figure this out and I realized I had a large amount of symptoms. Symptoms in which I was writing off as me aging, etc. Hashimotos runs in my family as well. 2 of my aunts as well as my grandmother, have it. I don't know if that makes me more likely to get it or not.

I know, no one here can diagnose me but here are the list of symptoms I've noticed I have thus far.

•Tightness in base of throat
•Chronic fatigue (even with abundant sleep)
•Extremely heavy periods (I must use the highest absorbency tampons and pads at the same time and I go through both quickly)
•dry eyes and mouth
•pain in knees and joints
• puffy under eyes
• swollen tongue that is scalloped
• mental fog and forgetfulness
• no motivation ***
• extremely irritable***
• want to be left alone
• shin splints (don't know if that's a sign)
• tinnitus
• twitching eyelid that lasts for days and sometimes weeks
• extremely dry itchy skin on legs
• hot flashes
• brittle nails that crack and peel
• thinning of eyebrows
• dry, extremely fine hair that is thinning
• rash on the back of my head and dandruff (something I never had before)
• slow bowels/ constipation
• thick, crumbly and yellowish toe nails
• ingrown toenails in every single toe
• pain in ball of my foot and heel
• hot flashes with accompanied sweating but only from my head
• weight gain but mostly in my stomach
• cannot tolerate coldness AT ALL. I must wear two pairs of pants if it's even slightly cold out
• keritosis pilaris (don't know if that's associated)
• pain between shoulder blades

There are more in which I can't think of now. I've been able to talk myself out of each of these symptoms either by blaming age or some other factor. A lot of these symptoms seem to get worse when my period rolls around each month.

Like I said, I know I cannot be diagnosed here but does this sound like its a possibility I'm suffering it? Also, am I still genetically predisposed to this even if no one in my immediate family has it?

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Is this good advice?

Sorry that should say "blood work" not "bloodworm".

Also I forgot to include that I have a sensation of having a lump on my throat and also have choking on liquids more often. Don't know if that matters.

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