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TSH and Pregnancy

From: littlemer9 - 3 years 6 days ago

I am currently 6w into my 5th pregnancy. My first two were uneventful, I miscarried my second two at 12 weeks. I have been on Synthroid for about 20 years. Currently dosage is .150, brought down from .175 in August when my TSH measured .47 and my free T4 was 15.2.

I had blood tests done 3 days ago and my TSH is now 3.47 mUI/L and my free T4 is 17.0 pmol/L.

I'm getting confused with all the levels, the TSH and T4 are both high so I'll ask my doctor this week if my dosage will be increased. I just don't know what is normal for pregnancy and I'm anxious about this one. I'm fairly certain my hormone levels post 2 babies are what caused my miscarriages.

I've also been taking Now Thyroid Energy since the summer.

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