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New here

From: canadian_girl - 5 years 15 weeks ago

Hi everyone. I'm new to this discussion.

A little bit about myself...I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and goiter when I was 9 years old. I was placed on Synthroid (25mcg/day), and my TSH levels returned to normal. I was taken off of Synthroid when I was 12.

Fast forward to almost 10 years later (I am now 22), I began having symptoms just this past January. I gained 20lbs over a course of 1.5 months. I felt sluggish, was always tired, and my skin was severely dry. Slowly I began to notice more symptoms, and sure enough my TSH levels were out of whack. The blood test also demonstrated elevated levels of antibodies, something my doctor said indicated I had Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Finally, the ultrasound showed I had goiter. I was immediately put onto Synthroid (in February), this time 50mcg. This dosage turned out to be too strong for my body, and I was put on 25mcg.

I began seeing an endocrinologist, who took me off of Synthroid in June, as my TSH levels were now normal and he felt I did not need it. I still felt crappy, and had not lost any weight. He had the audacity to tell me, because my levels were normal, it was likely ALL of my symptoms were caused by something else. I spent the entire summer off of medication, and gained more weight.

In September, my TSH levels were out of whack again and I was referred to a different endo. Unfortunately, she wasn't very helpful either. I was told she wanted to 'monitor' me on 25mcg of Synthroid- something that never worked before. I was fed up. My face was completely swollen. In October, I saw a doctor who specializes in alternative medicine; he prescribed me desiccated thyroid and removed the Synthroid.

I have now been on desiccated thyroid for 3 weeks. I AM feeling better, but I know it is a process and takes weeks before it really affects your body. One thing that I haven't really noticed, is that my facial swelling has yet to go down.

A few questions for anyone with a similar experience- if you experienced facial swelling prior to desiccated thyroid, how long did it take for that to go away? And second, any suggestions for me when it comes to being able to cope with hashimoto's thyroiditis in general?

Thank you all!!

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