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Am I totally off base?

From: Emqtee - 3 years 5 weeks ago

I am new to this forum and have hashimotos. I was switched to nature-throid in February and haven't felt great since.

I went to my follow up yesterday and the doctor told me that since my basal temp have been in the normal range that it wasn't my thyroid and I was depressed.

I would tell you my lab results but none have been done in over a year. My basal temp range was from 97.7-98.0 this last month.

Now I guess if he asked me about what was going on in my life and such and actually took time to talk to me as a person. Not just asking basing it on basal temp. . . I may consider that possibility.

The symptoms I am having: trouble with sleep/ aching in hands and feet, headaches, fatigue. It is weird because I feel almost hyper and hypo at the same time.

Has any one else experienced this? Or am I depressed and just don't know it? I take a half grain of Nature throid twice a day. I was previously on 150 mcg of synthroid.

Thanks for the insight

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Is this good advice?

For me stopping and switching thyroid meds caused my levels to be unstable and symptoms are all over the place for months. I believe the goal is to stabilize your numbers in the normal range with periodic blood work to monitor it.

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