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Extra sleepy, esp this time of year

From: Seekingpeace1 - 5 years 15 weeks ago

Hello, im a reasonably active late 20's female diagnosed with polycystic ovaries, autoimmune hypothyroidism, and chronic fatigue. I am able to maintain a relatively active three/four days a week work out routine from spring through fall, but for some reasone when winter hits, im a zombie. I literally cannot do anything but work and sleep.
This has been happening consistantly, and almost increasingly over the last three to four years...
It wasnt until i was in nursing school, could i pinpoint a body system that was particularly bothering me.

When i went to the Dr to begin with, i was dismissed by "oh youre a nursing student, its normal to feel tired" " oh youre too young to have all of these problems" ( i hear that alot unfortunately...sad bc that is a misconception)
It took me years to finally get answers and have some listen and not dismiss me. I now am battling again where i work my three twelve hour shifts, come home.... Sleeeeeeeppppppp

Its as if i am not sleeping at all? I brought this up to my PCP and they upped my levothyroxin last year...

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